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hatana domy drewniane realizacja technologia


​All our designs have appropriate wind, steam and thermal insulation to serve you all year round!

hatana domy drewniane realizacja technologia
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Vapor barrier - a layer in the wall or ceiling whose task is to prevent the penetration of water vapor from the room to the outer layers of the partition.

​Wind insulation - a vapor-permeable layer used on external walls, which aims to limit the penetration of water vapor from the outside to the inside, thus protecting the frame structure against excess moisture.

​We only offer solutions that assume diffusion openness of the walls!

​We adapt the windows and doors in our projects to each project.


Wooden, PVC, aluminum

- tailored to your needs!

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In our projects, depending on the conditions on the plot, model or preferences, we use a concrete foundation slab or a wooden floor in a frame structure.


We select the heating system individually for each project to use the most effective and tailored to your use.

​Underfloor heating, heating foils and mats, radiators - all tailored to your preferences!


​We can successfully install photovoltaic panel systems on our projects.

​Individually for each project, we can freely change the roof inclination to use solar energy as effectively as possible!


​"Off-grid" is a feature of buildings that, when properly designed, allow for use without connecting to the electricity, water or sewage networks.


Off-grid is also a lifestyle that involves self-sufficiency and minimizing your impact on the environment.

​The package of solutions that make this possible is perfect for locations that allow you to escape to the bosom of nature!

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